The Aero is a super comfortable, supportive, urban looking boot, with a forgiving mid-stiff flex and fantastic fit due to its asymmetrical design and efficient Boa Coiler lace-path. Great for the park or any mountain element, thanks to its medium flex and strong support. A Bronze-Level Thermo Heat Moldable liner supplies added hold around the ankles, while helping the level of comfort, and quality of fit. The all-rubber B.F.T Gravity outsole makes it extra-durable, and helps you get the traction (…)

Nidecker Aero Snowboard Boots 2022

Nidecker Aero Snowboard Boots 2022

With a sporty, high-end look, Nidecker’s mid-stiff model is built for maximum comfort, efficiency and adjustability with an asymmetrical design and closure system. It features the B.F.T Gravity sole with integrated N-Gel pad cushioning in the heel which takes the shock out of landings and the occasional weird impacts. The Bronze-Level Thermo Heat Moldable liner, with reverse-cut cuff guarantees a perfect ergonomic fit, while the Dual Zone Boa System controls the fit and support, with high precis (…)

Nidecker Triton Snowboard Boots 2022

Designed to bring tons of comfort, support and control comes the Nidecker Tracer Heel Lock Coiler Boot. This boot is mid flexing with a superior lacing system that will keep your feet snuggly in place in all riding conditions. The Boa Coiler lacing system lets you lock in the fit and make adjustments on the mountain with the quick twist of a dial and the Heel Lock Quick Fit will tighten around your ankle to prevent heel lift for heightened response and fights foot fatigue. This boot features (…)

Nidecker Tracer Heel Lock Coiler Snowboard Boots 2019

If you’re looking for a high-performance all-mountain snowboard boot that supports and doesn’t smother then the Nidecker Tracer H-Lock Coil was made for you. With a medium flex and an ultra-lightweight B.F.T. Vibram Ascent Outsole, it will feel like you’re walking on air. Comfort inside comes from the heat moldable liner, N-Gel cushioning and a super handy Hybrid Heel-Lock which provides an unmatched fit with customizable support where you need it most. Heel-Lock Closure System w/ Boa Coiler T (…)

Nidecker Tracer H-Lock Coil Snowboard Boots 2020

Designed for the serious shredders, the Nidecker Tracer Boot is loaded with custom features for the best possible ride. A Dual Boa system with H4+ Coiler Technology allows for independent adjustments of upper and lower zones for the most comfortable and precise fit. The Liner is heat moldable and features an Asym 3D molded tongue, with moisture wicking properties so your feet stay fresh. An aggressive 8 degree forward lean last keeps you in a natural riding position while maintaining a cushy, br (…)

Nidecker Tracer Snowboard Boots 2022

For the advanced rider looking for a stiffer and more responsive boot that will not sacrifice comfort and design they will find all that and more in the Nidecker Helios Focus Boa Boot. Featuring the best in Nidecker technology, the Helios excels at it all. The asymmetrical 3D-Molded Tongue helps alleviate pressure points and give a more balanced feel of comfort and support. The boot’s Boa H3 Focus closure system offers exclusive upper and lower zonal adjustments using its dual-dial setup, givin (…)

Nidecker Helios Focus Boa Snowboard Boots 2020

The Hylite Heel-Lock Focus from Nidecker is a boot made for the advanced to pro level rider looking for a perfect balance of comfort and performance. With its unique dual-dial Boa H3 Coiler with Heel-Lock Boa closure system, customizing your fit and heel hold can be done with a simple turn of the dial. The 5-part Bare Foot Technology Approach outsole uses special Vibram rubber for increased grip and durability, while the N-Gel cushioning on the heel and forefoot is added for additional comfort. (…)

Nidecker Hylite H-Lock Focus Snowboard Boots 2019

Versatile, progressive, and stylish, the Nidecker Hylite H-Lock Focus Snowboard Boot delivers a well-polished look for riders who seek all-around performance. Three innovative, asymmetrical features make the Hylite standout: the Boa Closure System with Heel-Lock Focus which makes dialing in your customized heel-hold and fit super simple, a 3D molded tongue which keeps pressure off the ridge of your foot, and the Gold-Level Heat Moldable Liner with Ripper-Lacing Closure which provides a superior (…)

Nidecker Hylite H-Lock Focus Snowboard Boots 2020