Designed for advanced all-mountain riders who need a little more board underfoot, the LibTech Dynamo Wide is a dreamy freeride snowboard with unlimited freestyle versatility. Its relaxed entry directional nose and mild taper allow you to float through anything, while a powerful C3 hybrid camber profile and Magnetraction edge serrations provide precision carves and lively pop for big landings and take-offs. Throw in a poppy and sustainable wood core and the Dynamo Wide becomes the perfect high-pe (…)

Lib Tech Dynamo Wide Snowboard 2022

Lib Tech Dynamo Wide Snowboard 2022

Open your mind and push your limits on the snowboard designed and tested by Travis Rice himself, the Lib Tech T.Rice Pro. This award-winning all-mountain freestyle twin now only comes in one all-encompassing shape for ripping everything the resort has to offer. Powerful HP construction keeps the board lightweight and strong while a freestyle-tuned C2 hybrid profile delivers playful pop and response. Throw in some Magnetraction edge serrations and you’ll be laying down trench-gouging carves with (…)

Lib Tech T.Rice Pro Snowboard 2022

Make big waves everywhere you go on the T.Rice Orca from Lib Tech. This directional snowboard is an absolute dream with a C2X contour giving you the perfect rocker/camber hybrid for ripping everything, including pow. Combine that with a volume-shifted design and a trench-gouging sidecut and you get what Mervin calls ”Whale Tail Technology”: a long nose that effortlessly floats and a tight tail that whips with maximum power. Wide enough for laying down hardpack carves or floating pillow lines, (…)

Lib Tech T.Rice Orca Snowboard 2022

As one of the most technical freestyle boards out there, it’s easy to see why the Never Summer Proto Slinger is a favorite year after year. This asymmetric twin is equipped with a Shockwave Rocker Camber Profile which consists of a longer camber zone for massive pop and stability with a smaller rocker zone for quick turn initiation and float. Its asym sidecut makes toeside carves effortless and heelside carves incredibly powerful and bites down on icy snow for even better control. A medium-soft (…)

Never Summer Proto Slinger Snowboard 2022

The all-new Never Summer Ripper snowboard is a balanced directional twin with a powerful flex and ultra-damp ride for next-level all-mountain freestyle performance. Featuring the Ripsaw Rocker Profile with Power Grip Sidecut, the Ripper delivers super strong edge hold with extra pop and control. Since the Ripper is engineered for high-speed carving it’s equipped with an RDS 2 Damping system and a Low Profile Tip/Tail which work together to create an ultra-smooth and stable ride that glides and p (…)

Never Summer Ripper Snowboard 2022

Experience power and control on the carver-friendly Never Summer Harpoon. This directional snowboard was crafted for all-mountain shredding, backcountry exploring and surfing endless powder bowls. Its most notable features are a volume shift design with a 13mm taper and an early rise nose. These work together to give you extra float in deep snow with the power to plow through variable terrain. The Power Grip Sidecut and Fusion Rocker Camber profile provide solid edge grip with tons of pop and sn (…)

Never Summer Harpoon Snowboard 2022

Experience all-mountain freeriding like never before on the all-new Never Summer Proto FR X. This wide waist directional snowboard features Never Summer’s brand new Triple Camber Profile and a 5mm taper that takes power and control to a whole new level and offers more surface area underfoot to help eliminate toe/heel drag. This profile delivers powerful pop, speed, float, and forgiveness with smooth response and edge-to-edge transitions while a 5mm taper keeps the board nimble and quick. A Power (…)

Never Summer Proto FR X Snowboard 2022

The legendary Never Summer Proto Synthesis snowboard was designed for powerful all-mountain freestyle performance. It features the Shock Wave Rocker Camber profile which provides huge pop and stability, quick turn initiation, and has an extended transition zone for extra float. A Recluse Carbon Layup delivers torsional rigidity, incredible energy transfer, and control, while a Power Grip Sidecut keeps edges locked in for confident, powerful turns. Transitioning from feature to feature is even sm (…)

Never Summer Proto Synthesis Snowboard 2022